Love One Another

Lead-safety Message: In memory of Nana and Grandpa Cole.

Artist: The Cole Family

Description of Work: family Photo (description from Interwebs) John H. Cole
Memorial Outlook : LOVE ONE ANOTHER “Short History Prehistoric evidence
indicates that Webb Memorial State park was a seasonal campsite for Native
Americans. After European contact, the site was likely used for farming and
grazing. In the 1860s the site became part of the Bradley Fertilizer
factory, and was used for dumping industrial waste. In the 1950s the
property was owned by the U.S. Government to house NIKE missiles in
underground silos, and was one of approximately ten sites in the Boston area
controlled from Hog Island (now Spinnaker). Military use ended in 1977 and
the site was transferred to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since this
time, the site has been configured to serve as parkland. General Information
This island of Boston Harbor Islands national park area is managed by the
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

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