Lead Exposure during Informal Automobile Painting Activities




Lead-safety Message: Ban use of lead in automobile paint to protect human
health and environment.

Artist: Faridah Hussein Were

School Name:  Chemistry Department, University of Nairobi

Description of Work: This is one of the power point presentations in the
virtual East African Community workshop during the International Lead
Poisoning Prevention Week of Action on 29th October 2020. The photo depicts
preparation of lead painted automobile metal surfaces through sanding in
open garages in residential areas. These activities result in substantial
exposure to the environment, workers and communities in the vicinities.
Research was also carried out and found that the automobile paints sold in
the nearby retail shops had markedly high levels of lead that exceeded the
90 ppm limit set by the East African Paint and Allied Product Standards. The
photo justifies why export, import, use or sale of lead in automobile paints
should be banned across the region by enforcing the East African Paint
Standards of 90 ppm maximum total lead in paint

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